Today we made the trip from St. Louis to Indianapolis, IN.  The goal was to visit the IUPUI Natatorium where I swam many of my major meets as a swimmer.  Now, they have a nice plaque with all the inductees including coaches.  It was also a reminder that my coach, Chad Englehart is also apart of the HOF and nice to see his name there as well.  It was cool to see where my name permanently sits and it was incredible to show my kids some of my past.

We were able to park our truck and trailer across the street by taking up a major section of the student parking and just acted like we were suppose to be there.  Entering the pool immediately brought back memories.  The view over the pool was beautiful, the locker room where I would walk into and see a bunch of swimmers in the midst of re-shaving and shaving cream all over the place, the deck where so much energy and excitement was, and the immense area and stands that towers over.  Not only did it bring back memories of winning in the High School level as we held the state meets here, it was also reminscent of having the 2000 Olympic Trials here and the names getting painted on the walls as others made it.  These names included so many guys that I swam with or against through my years.

We didn’t end up staying that long but enjoyed our quick stay.    We were lucky to not get a ticket while away from the truck and we saw the parking maid making his way towards us as we arrived.

We’re now located at the Heartland Resort just East of Indianapolis.  It has been rainy all night so we haven’t explored the area, but we’re only here in passing to our next spot…which we go to figure out right now.

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