Hi there!  We are a family of, yes, you guessed it, 4!  And we’re the Hoggatt’s.  Just a little bit about us….

We’re taking a slightly different approach to our lifestyle by taking the time to hit the open road with just us, a truck and travel trailer.  We look forward to the happy life experiences to come and we want to keep the interested up-to-date!  Please visit us often.

Justin & Melissa: After meeting in 2005, we had travel in our blood.  Justin moved out to Hawaii after Melissa moved there.  They lived in Kauai, Hawaii for about 6 months enjoying their lives as tour guides.  Then Melissa went to Grad School at University of Missouri for 2 years with Justin tagging along.  During this time they managed to take a 2 month trip in 2007 to Thailand, Laos, Vietnam, and Cambodia. The next year they married in 2008 and moved to Denver, CO.  After nearly 4 years in Denver and 5 years in Morrison, they figured out a way to make things work through real estate to hit the open road.

Sydney – Age 7: She is now in the 2nd Grade and is so exited to be hitting the road!  She enjoys hiking, climbing, and generally being outdoors.  If indoors, she can hardly stop doing artwork.

Xander – Age 5: After just finishing up some pre-school, Xander is ready for Kindergarten and learning to read, which he’ll be focusing on while gone for the year.  He loves riding his bike, talking to EVERYONE and being the little goofball and jokester.

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