We made it through the weekend successfully and had a great time.  The weather was just about perfect for long days on and in the river.  It was about 90 degrees and sunny, and lots of humidity.  Of course my white ass got a pretty red stomach from laying in the tube all day and drinking beer.  I still made the annual jump from the cliffs which never gets old and I’m still trying to get Syndey to get back involved in it.  It was great to see everyone and kind of marks our last “camping” trip of the year and now we really focus on getting on the road and living on the road.

Originally we talked about running through Michigan and getting some good time there, however, we worked backwards on our goal of being at Mount Katahdin in Maine by October 10th and we figured out we just don’t have enough time to get there without rushing and also making sure we have enough time to see and do what we want in some other states along the path.  Therefore, we have a tenative itinerary that involves the next steps in our journey.

  • Tomorrow morning we leave for Indianapolis where we stop at the IUPUI (my attempt at the Indiana way of pronunciateing it: ew-e, puew-e) to view the Hall of Fame plaque for the Indiana High School Swimming HOF at the pool that I spent so much time in growing up and where I swam the Olympic Trails in 2000.
  • Continue up to around Fort Wayne or North Indiana before we head East into Ohio.
  • Stay and visit Cedar Point, the roller coaster capital of the world! For those that think I’m kidding –  https://www.cedarpoint.com
  • Stay a week or so in Northern New York and visit Niagra Falls
  • Stay a week or so in Vermont
  • Stay a week or so in New Hampshire
  • Arrive in Maine early October to make it to Mount Katahdin before it’s closed for the year around October 15th.

Once we get on the road more, I hope that Melissa will also work on posting some of her stories, comments, and pictures.  We’ll try and work together to keep people updated and also to try for better pictures and blogging for more complete memories.

Until next time…..

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