…..Your reservation ends on a Saturday.

I know it’s been awhile.  I think about writing a lot, but then I decide that I’m really not interested in sitting in front of a computer writing about what’s been going on.  I have slight intentions of writing more and trying to keep a log, or diary of sorts, on what’s been going on.  Maybe it’s a sense of laziness or maybe it’s sense of “let’s just keep the story going”.  In any case, it’s been hard for me to keep up with my thoughts and the blogging.

I’m writing now because Melissa is working (Talkspace) and I’m currently taking a break from the many different books that I’ve put myself in the middle of while rain continues to fall outdoors.  Plus, the hotspot isn’t pulling it’s necessary service to keep the TV working, so here I am.

I’ve been thinking about the whole “Full-Timer” thing and it’s interesting as we travel, the different things we pick up along the way.  Like the introduction on this post.  We see so many different families come and go and so many often make their way out for the weekend trips.  We see so many more kids out on the weekends and ours are just that much happier when we do get to the weekends.  As much as we have escaped our days and have accepted the “What day is it?” mentality, we still get the reminders and it surrounds us and the campgrounds each weekend.  The campgrounds seem to fill up that much more, the kids come out, and the energy is so much higher.  It’s fun to experience.

The flip side is that now I also find myself a little tired of reaching out to all the different people.  I let the kids go off and have their fun, ride their bikes, and play with the other kids.  Myself, I appreciate the quiet having the kids out of my hair and seem to realize that a lot of families are out to escape their week-long jobs and don’t usually want to be bothered much.  Maybe they do get interested in where I’m from, what I do, the fact we’re on the road for a year, etc., etc.  But, I guess I’m really also tired of telling the same damn story over and over and letting everyone know the same details I have reiterated to others.  It feels like I’m a tour guide again and say the same thing every day like “Groundhog Day”.  So, for now, I’ll let those true “weekenders” be alone and appreciate my own quiet for a few minutes.

Stepping back, I’ll refocus on what makes it more of a “Full-Timers” and “What day is it?” scenario is that we leave tomorrow (Saturday) and the campground just got full and most people aren’t leaving on a Saturday.  Saturday is the weekend and why would anyone be coming out for just Friday night?  We just have a different schedule and move along without any days figured out.  It even becomes more apparent as we pass weekends like Memorial Day weekend and we suddenly had a problem with finding a location to stay.  Those are really the times that remind us of the weekends and different times that we used to crave so heavily.

Well, I look forward to seeing if I manage to write some of the other posts I’ve been thinking of and also let everyone know where we’ve been and what we’ve been up to.  We’ve done A LOT and seen A LOT since I last posted.  Yes, we did get a dog too!  Maybe I’ll do a quick run through, maybe I’ll just sort of pick up where I am now, but I will post again.

For now, however, I’ll just say we’re currently in Newport, Oregon and leaving tomorrow morning for the NW coast of Oregon near Oceanside, OR.

I’ll write more soon…..


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