Yesterday we had a difficult time really deciding how to go about the next four days because we found out Cedar Point was only open on Sunday.  So we needed to figure out how to spend 4 days in Ohio before heading to the Niagra Falls. –a little side note, try putting in Niagra in Google.  It was hard to find good places to stay up around Cleveland and Sandusky, so we decided to sign up for Harvest Hosts. —  Harvest Hosts, as described on their website, is a network of wineries, farms and attractions that invite self-contained RVers to visit and stay overnight.

We decided it was far enough to drive just about 4 hours from East Indy to Ashland, OH where Honey Haven Farm is.  What a wonderful choice it was!  We arrived just before closing at about 5:30pm and were welcomed by open arms by John Boyer who owns and runs the farm.  He’s an incredibly nice and passionate farmer who took right to showing us around the farm.  He welcomed us into his fresh farm produce store where he had us try the best sweet corn in Ohio (we ate it raw and it was amazing) and where we were able to buy some other good food.  He then showed us his 1931 Indiana farm truck that he put back together over the course of 4 years to make it look the way it does now (see the picture).  We continued on to his stories about the farm and feeding the many different animals he has including sheep, cows, goat, and pigs.  We all loved it!

While spending time with John, I found it awesome about the passion he carried for his farm and work.  He told us all about the history and now the growth that he has for the farm during October.  His Fall Festival that he runs every year that  includes a petting zoo, hay rides, pumping sling shots, pumpkin fields, corn maze, and more (mostly for Free!) provides him a healthy way to live how he wants, but most importantly he talks about the memories and traditions that he helps build for people.  His goal is to provide that for people and have the best damn place to be during October and I appreciated his enthusiasm and importance to have a legacy over money.

Overall, we have loved our first Harvest Host visit and are so glad to have made the decision to come to Honey Haven Farm.


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