I’ll start with, “Yes, I know I have a large Ford F-350.”

There is no disputing that it’s a big truck, but to drive it around Southern California has really been a chore.  We have found it interesting enough to put some time into writing about it.

It started in San Diego for the most part.  Driving it around and trying to find parking alongside the road created longer walks to where we wanted to go.  But what probably got the topic really going is that fact that it’s so hard to park in even regular parking lots.  It seems as though parking spots are much smaller in California versus Colorado – no scientific proof here but I swear it’s true!  So, fitting my truck into a finite space (both length and width) is difficult.  So, finally at one point, I pulled into a mostly empty parking lot in order to figure out where we heading next.  It was a small strip mall type of area.  Fed up with trying to find a spot that I can fit in, I simply pull forward, cross a few white lines, and basically take up four spots in my truck.  Seemed innocent enough until other cars started parking around us.  And then, I get called out.  My window was already cracked and a guy walks up and asks if we’re alright.  Confused, I answer yes, we’re fine thanks.  As he walks away he says, “Okay, just making sure because your parking has taken up four spots!”  My next response even louder out the window so he could hear could have been vulgar, but I decide on a confirmation that “Yep, thanks, like I said, we’re fine, thank you!”

Then, we got to Los Angeles. Of course, as everyone always talks about, the traffic is one thing to contend with.  But, unless you have a motorcycle, everyone is in the same boat and must wait their turn.  We saw some amazing cars driving around including Rolls Royce’s, Lamborghini’s, McLeron’s, and more!  But what also really stood out while driving around LA was how large we were to everyone else.  And all the other cars driving around make us seem huge!  Our observations drew us to nearly conclude that we were the only truck in town!  It was pretty interesting to be driving around and after long periods of time, we point out “There’s a truck!”  But, at least I have a full field of vision driving around.

So, if you come to Southern California and need to rent a car, you may want to make sure it’s a small one.

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