I don’t really have a good picture of the Midwest as we arrived, but man there is that feeling that you’ve made it!  Driving through South Dakota, I’m not sure what is worse…driving through South Dakota or driving through Kansas.  Melissa had her head down or taking naps through most of SD so her opinion is skewed.  In what seemed like a super long day yesterday, we finally made it to Omaha, NE.  Once arriving in the area, it was interesting what we noticed and hence, welcome to the Midwest.  All of a sudden we had humidity (lots of it), hills, tons of deciduous trees and hardly any evergreens, lots of corn in the fields, lots of bugs including flies, the sounds of crickets and cicadas, and what I noticed interestingly were smokers.

It was simply a pull in and pull out that night in Omaha so we didn’t get to really enjoy anything about the area but the park we stayed in was really nice and convenient.  A good nights rest and an early morning and we started our way to Mark Twain Lake in Missouri to meet my parents for a couple days of boating and a stay at Timber Ridge Resort.  The picture is with my Mom and Sydney enjoying some tubing.

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