We had a pretty successful time at Mark Twain with my parents.  I spent a lot of time working, however, so it was hard to fully enjoy my time.  But I did get some skiing in and water time.  The lake was dead on Thursday and Friday morning which is great for us.

We hauled our way back to St. Louis area and after dinner with my parents and my brother and family, we pulled on up to Greg’s house.  I’ve attached a picture and if you can see, the slide is just barely out.  That was about as far out as we could get it, still walk around the counter top, and not have cars hit it as they drove by.  So, it was a little tight in there but luckily we didn’t have to spend much time in there.  Next up, Meramac State Park to hang with most of Melissa’s family for the weekend on the Meramac River!

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