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The real reason for this post are some things we’ve noticed about trailer life on the road.  Certain things come to mind as we travel that stick out.  So, I simply want to share a some things that come to mind.

  1. Where else can you live where every step shakes your whole house?
  2. Showers don’t happen everyday.  In order to save on water while staying in certain locations, we can’t.  If showers do happen, about half the time it requires a trip to a shower house in the park.
  3. Cleaning up after yourself has a whole new meaning….like, DO IT NOW!  There is not enough space for four people to explode with all each others items and not pick up right away.
  4. It goes to show how much crap we choose to fill a house with and this proves how little we actually need.
  5. It becomes important in life to understand how charged your batteries are and sometimes how much sun you’re getting in order to solar charge your batteries.
  6. For the kids, “go to your room” is now “go to your bed.”
  7. It becomes so convenient to be traveling down the road and never have to worry about how close a rest stop is.  Guess what!? We have one right behind us!  Melissa may still not be used to me pulling over randomly on the shoulder  of the road for us to use the bathroom.
  8. You better like who you’re traveling with, because you ain’t getting away from each other!
  9. Being the in the middle of nowhere puts a whole new importance on “what is your cell signal strength”?
  10. Where is the closest grocery store is a much more common question.  It’s hard to stock up with little room.
  11. What would we do without Google?!  And Google Maps?!  Enough said.
  12. Don’t let food go even a little bad.  Fruit flies have an amazing way of finding their way right into your home.  Side note on this…always carry Apple Cidar Vinegar.
  13. Be prepared for large temperature swings in your home.  How quickly can it go from very cold to very hot?  I’ve literally had the heat on for a cold morning and within an hour later, while the trailer is in the sun, turned the A/C on.
  14. Cook with the vent open and flame on low or medium!  Never before has it been so easy to set off a damn smoke detector!

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