We’ve been doing some talking about our travels and what is ahead.  I’m sad, but at the same extent comfortable, to report that we’ve decided to put the Ax on Alaska (so no real life view like the picture shows).  We looked at the travel plans on the West Coast and the time that we have allocated to the road.  Unfortunately, the weather doesn’t look to be favorable for a good exploration of the West Coast during the Spring months that would put us into Alaska during the summer months.  Of course we would really LOVE to go to Alaska and explore here, it turns out that we’re going to delay our visit up there to another year.

With this change, we’ve been able to realize that we’ll be able to explore and visit much more of the West Coast and better experience these areas instead of rushing through and around them like we have much of the East Coast.  Melissa has dreams of kayaking and hiking more in this area and while I don’t disagree, I have to add the dream of getting more involved in paragliding again.

So, for all those people that were looking forward to meeting us up there (j/k), we’ll have to meet somewhere in California, Oregon, or Washington instead.  😉


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