While away on a vacation to Walt Disney World in Orlando, FL, there was a massive storm that went through the Denver Metro area.  In the path were 4 of our rental homes that are all significantly damaged.  But, what hurts the most is our brand new trailer (only used 1 night so far) and the baseball size hail that took to the top of the roof.  All the plastics were busted out as seen in the picture and obviously allowed rain and ice into the trailer.

Lucky for us, our good friends Darren and Dawn headed right over to tarp it off for us while we dealt with the aftermath over the phone in FL.  Other damage includes the awning, the radius’ on the roof, and back hatch door.  I’m not sure what amazes me most about the hail and the trailer; the damage the hail did, or the abuse the trailer put up with and the fiberglass siding staying in nearly perfect shape.

Now we shall see what this all costs and the headache it’s going to cause as we prepare for our Moab, UT Trip coming up.

UPDATE: We finally got the quote back for the dealership to submit to our insurance company and the quote was a crazy $7,058 worth of damages and labor.

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