Today I was able to act like a kid!  I went by myself today to get in as many rides as possible between the hours of 11am and 8pm.  Overall I literally ran around the park, got about 20k steps in and nearly 11 miles of running and walking, but man was it a great time!  It’s been about 9 years since I’ve been there and they have added some awesome rides!  The park was relatively empty compared to what I’m used to which was awesome and allowed me to ride everything I wanted to.  A weird thing I noticed, since I’ve been able to visit the park for many years and from awhile back is that some of the amazing rides of the time now have literally no wait.  For instance, the Magnum which once had waits of well over an hour and a half was now a walk on ride.  Some others that were a staple about 10 years ago are so good that they still warrant the longest of waits like the Raptor and Maverick.  Below is a list of rides I took part in.  I think I realized not a lot scares me and I am waiting for the next biggest and craziest thing that could come out.  Maybe I’ll have to get back into Paragliding more.

  • My favorite was likely the Gatekeeper, which allowed me to ride 4 times in all.-
  • The Millenium Force – 2 rides of pure downhill and speed excitement
  • My favorite ride not a roller coaster was the picture here, the MaxAir which swings and twirls you around at crazy swing speeds and over a 100′ in the air.  3 rides of this was worth admission alone
  • Wicked Twister – Fun and with no wait, worth it.  Just don’t need to do it more than once.
  • Top Thrill Dragster – a ride often shut down due to malfunctions in the electronics (not unsafe, just annoying), and shoots you 120 miles per hour in less than 4 second to a height of 420′.  A thrill of 17 second ride.
  • Maverick – I was able to finally get on after a 45 minute wait and a second attempt after it shut down earlier in the day.  Definitely an exhilerating ride.
  • Magnum XL-200 – An old staple that was still fun, but I didn’t remember it being that jerky.
  • Gemini – Another older ride that was fun with the ups and downs.  I waited longer on this than I wanted.
  • Blue Streak – This ride is a dinosaur wooden roller coaster.  I only did it because I asked an older gentleman what his favorite was as I was riding with him on the Gatekeeper and he said this one.  Not sure why, but had to see what I was maybe missing.  Analysis…not missing much here unless you’re a newbie.
  • Valravn – A newer ride that didn’t seem to live up to the hype for me.  It was great dangling over the edge of the drop before letting go, but wasn’t that crazy over all.  Still an amazing ride, but maybe it was the hour wait that ruined it a little.
  • Rougarou – Rode this one twice.  I would grade it a B as it was fun and twisty with little wait.
  • Power Tower – I waited way too long to take the drop side of it, but it’s a good stomach dropper.
  • Raptor – 3 rides on this at the end of the day with no wait was great!  An older ride but still awesome!
  • Skyhawk – Talk about a real swing!  Holy cow this thing was crazy.  Speeds of like 75 mph up to 120′ in the air makes this swing give swinging a new meaning.
  • WindSeeker – This was only ride I didn’t really like and wouldn’t do it again because it made me dizzy.  The view was still amazing at it takes you up a couple hundred feet to get full views of the park and water.

While I was away having this fun by myself, the rest of the family went back to the marina we were at yesterday to do some swimming and free laundry.  Sounds like they had a good time, but I missed them and sharing the experience I had.  I was just about the only single person the park as most people were with families or friends so I did feel a little out place.  Didn’t matter though, I bet I got more rides than anyone today!


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