I’ve realized I’m a little behind on my writing and what’s been going on, so I will just try to catch up by chipping away one step at a time.

Today was the last day to have our Cousin Ann Miller join us for a few days at Acadia National Park.  Before leaving early to drop her off at the Bangor airport, I wanted to share that we were ALMOST the first people in the continental US to see the sun rise.  During this time of year, the sun first hits the lower 48 on Cadillac Mountain in Acadia National park because of it’s location on the coast and the elevation of the mountain at a little over 1500′.  Upon waking up this morning, we realized we were about 30 minutes away even though it was only about 3 miles by air so we had to adjust our plans.  So, instead we walked down the path from our campground at Blackwoods Campground and watched from the rock ledges at the edge of the park.  It was about as good as it gets with a perfectly clear morning, pretty warm, and good company.  What a wonderful way to start the day!

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