Heading down the road just outside our neighborhood, I took a picture to show we were officially moving!  The current mileage is proof of how many we will travel throughout the next year.  It was a hard exit as we worked tirelessly through the week to make it out on Friday.  Our original goal was just after we walked through with our new tenants on Friday morning (about 9am) we would head out.  We did have some errands to run, some extra fixes around the house to do, and a finish to the seemingly never ending packing.  We still make it out on Friday though, but at a much later 5pm departure time.

It was also hard because we had some great neighbors all stopping by with the kids to say goodbye that one last time.  It was a bittersweet departure as we will definitely miss our neighbors and Layton Circle, but also a feeling of “WE DID IT!”  Melissa showed some emotion as she cried on the way out, and I think I was too exhausted to hardly understand what was going on.  I did, however, start to feel the sense of freedom come over me as I was driving in North Colorado.  It was also nice to have an amazing sunset over the mountains with the sliver moon and blue, purple, pink to orange sky.

I look forward to writing more…..

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