It was a quick decision to leave. Not much wavering and almost no on the fence time. Almost as soon as the idea came to us, BAMM, we decided to move on it. But now that we know we’re leaving, there’s a lot to do. What would you do if you had to pack up your entire life in 5 months.

  • 1. Get EVERYTHING we can on autodraft
  • 2. Find a kind soul who would be willing to collect our junk mail for year in the off chance we get something important
  • 3. Find out about homeschooling roadschooling. There are SO many resources out there and I’m not entirely sure this Master’s educated mama is equipped to teach Kindergarten. I MUST remember why we are leaving-for a simpler, kinder lifestyle. I want that goal to in the forefront when I am picking our curriculum. I WILL NOT OVERTHINK THIS. Besides, how bad could I really screw up my kids education in just 1 year.
  • 4. Sell crap. And what doesn’t sell, throw it away.
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