In what might be the cheapest Electric/Water site we have all year of only $10/night, we made it just over 3 hours drive (more if you count dinner) last night to Torrington, WY.  The drive was nice except the horrible traffic exiting Denver last night and we made it about half way to our first destination of Mount Rushmore.  The park itself is quiet and in town, but exactly what we needed to get the trip off right.  Once we got here though, it was STILL a task as there was more work to be done.  Through the packing and hustle and bustle, we mostly threw stuff in the trailer to get going.  So, when we got setup around 10pm last night, we still had to put a load of stuff away in the proper places and get the kids beds organized.  Luckily we have cell service and a hotspot that provides internet for us as I had work to catch up on as well.  So, after a long day, I finally was able to crash at about 12:30am last night.

May the fun begin!

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