I have to say, I always felt weird saying, “We’re going to Vegas”.  The stigma as I see it, is very adult oriented.  Heavy partying, gambling, or both seem to be engrained in my head as what Vegas really means.  So, saying we’re going to Vegas as a family means so much different.


We pulled in to Kings Row RV Park and of course they didn’t really have a spot for us as expected.  Should we have had one?  Well, we called 4 times over the course of 5 weeks for various reasons and they still didn’t have a spot.  So, they put us in a gravel overflow area next to other short timers and very close to the main road.  It isn’t great, but we did get away with camping near the middle of Vegas for only $20/night.  Plus, the place had a clean laundry room where we got to catch up on some much-needed laundry of 5 loads.

What did we end up doing in Vegas?  Well, we walked, and we walked, and we walked….

The rule here is, “If it seems close, it’s NOT!”

So besides the walking, we also did the following, in no particular order.

  • Saw the free fountains in front of Bellagio. Defininitely our first, “We can make it” attitudes.  We were running through the streets, up & down escalators, up & down stairs, and asking where to go.  Upon making it, it was quite cool and only 5 minutes!  Ugh, 5 minutes for that hustle!?
  • Saw the free “circus” at Circus Circus (separate post coming on that)
  • Saw V: The ultimate Variety Experience at the Planet Hollywood.  This had a bunch of acts of talents but most anotably is the comedian who did a 4 person mask skit with and we were about pissing our pants.  Too bad for the “volunteers” who we were stuck sitting there being laughed at.  The kids really enjoyed this!
  • Saw the David Goldrake: Imaginarium magic show. The show itself was pretty good!  He did some pretty big acts here and I think the kids got a lot from it in terms of entertainment, but nothing that really got them super excited.  The downside was definitely the lack of a crowd.
  • Saw the Streetmosphere at the Venitian Grand Canal. We kind of stumbled upon this as a really good opera singer was singing.  We realized it was the streetmospher and we just got lucky on the timing here to see it going on.  I bet it wasn’t going on for long based on our other experiences.
  • Looked at the Flamingo Wildlife Habitat. This was another interesting little side story but not worthy of a separate post.  We walked A LOT to get to this one.  We went the wrong way a couple of times (I wasn’t leading).  We are finally on location and we see a sign for the Habitat.  So we board the elevators and those didn’t go anywhere exciting.  We find out the flamingo wildlife habitat was just out the doors and it was shocking!  It was shocking how little it was and how so far off the mark on cool it was.  Don’t bother….enough said.
  • Went and saw the Bellagio Conservatory & Botanical Gardens. A brief stroll through here was really nice.  Very beautiful and unique setups.
  • Saw the “Fall of Atlantis” at Caesars Palace Forum Shops.  Perhaps our third and final “We can make it” hustle.  We were literally running through the streets, then through the mall, in order to make it to the regular showtime.  I’m pretty sure everyone in Vegas was thinking, “Where in the hell are they going that they think is that cool!?”  Let me tell you, we made it though!  2 minutes late but because of a malfunction, we were 5 minutes early!  The show was with weird fake statues moving around with voices that you couldn’t hear at all and random flames popping up.  I suppose we were able to check another “attraction” off the list.
  • Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area. We utilized an afternoon here to check out the scenery and do a decent little hike.  We did about a 2.5 miler up the canyon and to a cool overlook of the valley and Las Vegas.  Definitely work the trip here!
  • Shopped for a Guitar.  See separate post on this too.

The other added benefit during our stay in Vegas was we had our cousin, Justine Miller join us for a few days.  We dropped her back off at the airport today after enjoying her visit and with us on our walking tours.  See, we even have house guests in this house too!

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