Today we realized something.  It’s been a month!  It’s really pretty hard to believe.  I know that we have some people wondering how we can do it and probably betting on whether we would feel comfortable living in a trailer for a month.  Well, I can tell you, it doesn’t come without it’s hastles, but Melissa and I have a very strong relationship along with the kids and we couldn’t be happier with our decision.  We have truly enjoyed the scenery, the change of pace, the friends and people we’ve already enjoyed spending time with, and the family time we’ve been able to enjoy.  The trailer is small, yes, but I think we’ve come to understand our new space and appreciate it.  The kids have been wonderful in getting their “rooms” picked up each morning, putting toys away regularly, and everyone respecting their space when needed.  One complaint though, I’ll admit, I wish the bedroom was a bit bigger for some wiggle room since this is my house.

Because there are definitely some downsides, I figure I might as well mention what has come to mind so far.  The biggest one for me is being without or having intermittent cell service.  I would love to not worry about being connected all the time, but let’s face it—I run a business, I love my sports, I like to watch shows or movies, and I love to read news.  I hope a newly ordered cell service booster helps out next week though!  Secondly, besides the bedroom size, it’s probably the size of our fridge and pantry as food really takes up a lot of room for a family of 4!  We don’t have the luxury to hit the grocery store all the time so we have to stock up a little bit here and there.  Another is the ability to control the temperature.  We’ve had some cooler temperatures and definitely above average temperatures.  The heater is something we don’t always want on to save on propane and battery for the fan use and the A/C is something we can’t hardly use because we have been staying many places without proper power hookup.

As far as everyday living, we have had many enjoyments and memories already.  It’s wonderful to see the country and enjoy different scenery, areas, history, foods, and drinks (like the awesome beer out East!).  It is hard though, the trip plan, figure out where we are going to stay even after we know where we want to go, and the home schooling is a struggle at times.  I’m confident we are getting the hang of things though and we’re starting to settle in much better with our new life.

Sitting here thinking about the trailer, I started to wonder, how much do we have in our trailer?  I may not be the only one wondering, but just for fun, here’s a quick run down of what we have been able to cart along in truck and trailer.  It becomes hard to believe that we actually feel comfortable and have space to move.

  • Toys!
    • 2 Inflatable Kayaks
    • Paraglider and pack
    • 4 Bikes
    • Fishing gear – 3 poles and fly fishing gear
    • Rock Climbing Gear
  • Generator
  • Tools including hand tools, ratchet and socket set, and drills
  • Grill
  • 4 seasons of clothing
  • Firewood
  • School materials, arts and crafts, and other various books
  • 6 Camp Chairs and camp table
  • Food, beer, water
  • Kitchen Appliances including blender, induction cooktop, water purifier, pots & pans, food processor, toaster, cooler, and more!
  • Broom, mop, and vaccuum
  • Eukalele, flute, and Guitar
  • 2 Computers & 3 Tablets
  • Scrap books and photo printer
  • 50″ TV (came with the trailer but wanted to mention it)
  • 4 Tubes and lifejackets
  • Games, hammock, and slack line
  • And more…so I don’t have to list all the little stuff like pens, hoses, etc.

For those that made it this far…thanks for reading!

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