Who would have thought traveling would be so much work?!  The site you see is our latest site which may be one of our favorites as we simply are passing through Delaware on our way to Washington DC.  We are at Lums Pond State Park in Delaware, mostly because who usually actually goes to Delaware? (At least who I know).  Turns out this is a good visit during a small break between the cities.

We’ve been quite busy actually navigating the big cities lately.  Between train times, subway times, bus times, and tour times, it’s been quite a chore to plan things out and also make sure we’re getting the kids school time in.  I feel as though I’ve been severely neglecting the blog posts because I’m so behind on actually wanting to write about our travels.

I’ll try to elaborate later, but we’ve been through Boston, MA, then New York City for awhile, then onto a “break” in Cape May, NJ, Philadelphia, and now on our way to previously mentioned DC.  Traveling and navigating the big cities has been fun and challenging and we’ve certainly had the opportunity to see some wonderful things.

A couple things I have to mention.

  1. After going through so many large cities, we had a funny answer to a question we gave the kids.  Q: We have some time this afternoon to do something else (as we were eating a Philly Cheesesteak), what would you like to do?  A: I want to site on the sidewalk and make money. — I guess I haven’t noticed the amount of people holding hands out.
  2. With some of the breaks, I’m actually getting some time to try to learn the guitar.  I’ve had the damn thing somewhere in the neighborhood of 15 years and haven’t hardly done anything until now.  It sure does feel good and it’s been fun.
  3. The kids do miss their friends and other kids.  It’s always fun to hear the kids having such a wonderful time together and loving each other.  But, it’s obviously a little hard when every time we drive by kids, no matter the age, and they proclaim “KIDS!”.

So, I sit here on the rare campfire, thinking about some of time we’ve had and appreciate it and my surroundings.  I appreciate those that are wondering what’s going on and missing the posts, but I anticipate they will improve a little as we hope to slow down a little.

More to come (but I might back date some to help coincide with the timing of the location)…..

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