In Las Vegas, there is the Casino called Circus Circus.  In this casino is naturally, a circus.  It’s a free show put on every hour through the afternoon.  Since it seemed like something great we’d take the kids to this so we decided to schedule this into our day.  This was a real good education for the parents on Las Vegas as a family.

We leave our campsite and start heading to Circus Circus for a show time of 1PM.  The time is 12:42 and the destination is about 10 minutes away normally and not that close to the other main casinos and the strip.  We pretty much get stopped at every red light on the way and it takes about 15 minutes instead.  We pull up frantically for a parking spot, all the while thinking, this is the only time we’re coming here, let’s make this!

We park at about the furthest spot in the lot because nothing has easy parking for a big ass F350.  We start running and following all the people that have kids as well.  We’re now thinking, “This is good, we’re going to make it!”  The time is about 12:58.  Destination now…..far reaches of the planet, all the way in the back of Circus Circus.  In what comparatively looks like a junk hotel with old carpet, low ceilings, and gross smokey atmosphere, we high tail it through the halls. We arrive to the show area at 1:02.  Yes! Just in time!  With no one to be found, we quickly realized show time is NOT on the hour, but at 1:30!

So, what else would we do?  We waited and all the while had secured the best seats in the house!  Melissa kept the kids busy going into shops and looking at the standard circus stuff that is designed to vacuum your money from your pockets.  So far so good, the show is about to start!

We were so excited to see some talent at the cirus and hyped the kids up.  What will we see?  Clowns, trapese artists spining through the air, may other really cool things “circus-y”.  The show starts at 1:30 with an act I could not even find on their website.  It was a guy that had spinning devices (much like a huge yo-yo) and used a rope to do really cool things with it.  He was quite good and had good rythym with the music that included a drummer and keyboarder playing along with the loudspeaker music of Metallica or other heavy metal.

His act had a couple mistakes but was entertaining for sure.  We became excited for what else they had to offer us for this show!  Not even 5 minutes later though, time now 1:35, he ran off the stage upon completion of his act and up pops a sign indicating what goes off on the loudspeakers, “Thank you for joining us, our next show after intermission is at 2:30″.  After intermission?  What!?

Melissa and I both looked at each other and said, “That’s it!?”

Boy did we get dooped!  We walked away, almost with our heads in shame, laughing at ourselves histarically!  We thought, “Did we REALLY just do that?!”

I’d say the kids are still wondering why there was no trapese act and we didn’t get to really see anything.  But then again, perhaps the kids became content with the show because, in order to sell them on the whole thing, we acted like we just saw the most amazing thing ever.

The best part of it all is the story.  Always laugh at yourself first, before anyone else does.

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