Holy cow, a week has gone by and it’s been great!  We have moved on from Ohio on Monday and showed up at 4 Mile Creek State Park just north of Niagara Falls on Lake Ontario.  Side note….how many people can name all 5 of the Great Lakes…now from West to East.  I’ll admit, I couldn’t as it seems like it’s something lost from what I learned as a kid.  We stopped in Buffalo for a quick moment to have some chicken wings at Anchor Bar–the birthplace of Buffalo Wings.  They were so good!  Then, we arrived just in time on probably the best site in the part on site 240, with an amazing sunset over the lake and Toronto in the background.  It’s only a view I can remember because the pictures don’t do it justice.

Visiting Niagra falls on Tuesday was great.  We did the Cave of the Winds and got to spend some time directly under and mostly in the Bridal Falls.  The kids found it great as well, and we decided to forego the Maid of the Mist since it was expensive and decided instead to walk across Rainbow Bridge.  We were extremely glad we did and saw the amazing views that the Canadians got blessed with on the other side.  Also, I had probably my first Candian draft beer at Niagara Brewery and it was not worth it, but still a good atmosphere and fun.

On Wednesday we went to Fort Niagara for a bit and got a discount on the tour since we showed up so late.  The visit was awesome and got to experience real history within the buildings and see how the older French soldiers lived.  We have found it nice over on the East as it doesn’t seem as restrictive to view and experience historic sites.  They open it up for all to see and not just view from a distance.  We’re able to actually walk around and touch different aspects of the historic areas.

Also, on Wednesday, we met our family double!  Well, almost a double, but what great people we met.  The kids got long great, Kelly was a social worker just like Melissa, Dave was retired from the Air Force, and they shared with us so much experience as they have been on the road for about 28 months with their three kids.  It was so much fun meeting them and hanging out, that we didn’t even finish cooking our dinner until 11:30pm.

Thursday morning we met back up with our new friends and worked on all of us meeting back up on a common traveling goal of Acadia National Park in ME and then continued on along the coast of Lake Ontario for what was suppose to be a scenic drive.  Yes, it was scenic.  No, it was not anything special.  We spent some time at REI and Walmart and felt like the whole day was taken by traveling again.  It still had some moments of beauty, but overall, we should have taken the short route.  We ended up at Wessesley State Park.  After crossing the amazing toll bridge, the park was mostly empty and the mosquitos were numberous.  It was a good relaxing stay for a couple nights.

Saturday we moved on and took the 2.5 hour drive East to Fish Creek Pond Campground in and around the Adirondacks area.  The place is great with almost every spot on the lake, but boy was it hard to navigate the trailer into the spot.  Basically the park is a road with spots along the lake in the middle of trees.  Backing the trailer into the middle of the trees with not so good levels of ground proves difficult, but was still manageable.  We ended with a great angle, right on the lake, perfect for the kids to play in the water, Melissa to take a kayak trip, and for me to watch the UT game (not so good of an ending with FL) on the computer with an amazing view across the water.

Today turned into another relaxing day.  We took a good walk and kids biking to the other side of the park to the playground.  Later, Melissa kayaked across the lake to the beach and I biked with my guitar.  We spent some time at the not so crowded beach and I picked up the guitar for the first time in years to try and learn again.  We’ve now spent some more time with Sydney trying the Ukelele and proving that Yousician appears to be a great way to learn instruments….at least so far.  Now, writing in front of the fire capping off another week while seemingly everyone around us is disappearing back to the daily grind, we find it rewarding and blessed to be where we are.

We’ll spend more time at Fish Creek Pond Campground before heading off to another Harvest Host on Tuesday.    Thanks to all those that signed up for our Newsletter this week!  I hope not to bore you too bad from here on out!

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