There is no disputing it, time just flies by!  Another reminder that we should always make the most of it.  This last week we stayed at some friends home in Arlington, VA, about 10 minutes from DC.  Adam and Laurie Segal-Moss and their two children Grayson and Harper.  We managed to stay on the street with our slide out over the grass just before the sidewalk and an extension cord out to the trailer.  It was probably weird for the nieghbors to see a big trailer in the street, perhaps wishing an HOA was in place.

We did meet many of the neighbors on the first night in town at a Halloween Party and a fright night in the local park.  Halloween itself turned out to be an amazing night.  The neighborhood was super active with kids EVERYWHERE and great decorations.  The kids had a blast running between houses and getting as much candy as possible.  Following, we did do something different this year and allowed them to trade in the mounds of cavity creators for a toy.

Besides having a great time with our hosts, we took part in the normal tourist things around town.

  • First day we went to the Air & Space Museum.  We saw a IMAX 3D film about Aircraft carriers and toured probably only about half of the museum before running out of time.
  • We took a walk around town and visited the Lincoln Memorial, Washington Monument, and White House.  The Washington Monument was cool but it was closedand for the next two years while it gets a new elevator. The White IMG_4852 2House was not very exciting except when where we were standing, the Super Secret Service starting yelling at everyone “Park is Closed!”  No warning, just telling people to get away.  You also wonder how many cameras are pointed at you as you walk around.  The kids also got their JR Ranger badges this day.
  • The Arlington Cemetary was much different to visit than I had thought it would.  It was pretty powerful to walk around all the graves and you’re able to really take in the power of the loss we’ve had for this country.  I had no idea there are more than 400,000 people buried there.  We also saw the eternal flame for JFK.
  • We did an amazing hike on the Billy Goat Trail and bike ride on the O&C Canal Trail.  That was an amazing day outside!
  • We went to the Holocaust Museum and the African American Museum.  That day was pretty depressing day of history and facts.  The kids even started to wonder what is wrong with this world and why is there so much hate.
  • We went to the National Building Museum which at first look appeared like it was going to boring.  Turns out the kids had a good time in the kids areas and then we saw some interesting stuff about the history of buildings and our unique gadgets we’ve put in our homes over the last 100 years or so.  It was the only museum we paid for in town that required a fee.
  • Following the Building Museum we went to the Zoo (also free) and walk around.  It was super quiet because the time of year and kids in school.  Our kids loved it but we didn’t manage to walk the whole park so we surely missed some good stuff.

We could have spent more time in DC as it turns out, but now we’re moving on.  We hope to be putting a post on here from Adam after he writes a guest blog posting about what it’s like to host a family in an RV on the street.  I expect good things.

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