So everything is going great. We have a BEAUTIFUL family that is oozing personality! Beautiful house. Nice cars. Good jobs. We can walk to our kid’s school and I never have to drive to see my friends because they live right here in my neighborhood. I love like my job and our family rental business is doing well. We ski in the winter and camp in the summer. Life is good. So why leave?

  • 11. I want my children to spend more time playing and less time watching.
  • 10. My daughter asks me on regular basis if I will stay home from work and spend the day with her. She tells me all the time that the weekends aren’t enough.
  • 9. I hate spending my life sitting in traffic.
  • 8. My 25 year old self would not care about all the things we have. She would be disappointed that I spend so much time putting on make-up and wearing uncomfortable shoes. If she were here, she would tell me to Live Out Loud, have more fun, and SLOW DOWN. She might also tell me to do more skinny dipping 🙂
  • 7. I love spending time with my husband, but sometimes I feel like I don’t know him.
  • 6. My soul feels cooped up behind all this drywall.
  • 5. I sometimes forget who I am. I look in the mirror and see an adult. Fast paced, busy and responsible. I don’t look all that long because I don’t have the time. “Where’s Melissa?” I think. Fun, whimsical, creative Melissa. Is she still in there?
  • 4. Working is expensive. In order to work you need daycare, a car (incl. gas, oil changes, etc), clothes for work, a work bag, a house, a semi-decent haircut, and beauty crap to look decent for work. It occurred to me that maybe I am working in order to pay for everything necessary to work. Given my salary, I think it might actually be cheaper to rent out my house and quit my job.
  • 3. Because I want to get rid of stuff. Sure I could do this without leaving my life, but this forces me to do it.
  • 2. I want to prove that I still can. I still can be adventurous, spontaneous and courageous enough to walk away. That “stuff” doesn’t mean as much to me as life. Sometimes I’m not sure.


And the #1 reason I want to leave my life….

  • Because I can’t think of a reason why I shouldn’t. I picture myself when I’m 80 and I can’t imagine saying ” Melissa, you shouldn’t have taken that year off to spend with your family.” You SHOULD have worked more!
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